Author: cathyleetaylor

Women Who Put Their Oxygen Mask on First Make Better Lovers

Discover Your Magic Portal to Inner Self Clarity of Your Life Purpose Opens a Magical Portal to a Better Life Women are notorious for helping others before they take care of themselves. If thinking about being on an airplane and putting your child’s oxygen mask on second makes you uncomfortable, you might be in need […]

Qualities of Life When Your Heart Leads

It Takes Courage to Live with an Open Heart Open HeartConnected to your EssenceExtreme self-love and self-careAble to readily give and receive loveGood Listener and CommunicatorForgivenessGreater sense of self-worth/esteem/confidenceCreativeEmpowered to self-actualizationHumilityGraceSense of life purposePeaceAcceptanceBlissJoyOf service to othersFree of disease; good healthEnthusiastic, you become an energy giverPassionateFeel connected to others, sense of oneness with allRealize your […]