Author: cathyleetaylor

Aging & Spirituality

Aging Gracefully on a Spiritual Journey Are you longing for a direct experience of spirituality? Are you over 60 and wondering what the purpose of your life is now? Maybe you are someone who has always taken care of everyone else, and now you are faced with some big questions about what you want for your life. […]

Forgiveness can Release Past Lives

Forgiveness Begins with Your Self Forgive Yourself First Do you want freedom, perfect health, to feel joy and experience a truly magical and abundant life? If any of these occurrences still elude you, it could mean you are in need of forgiving. Signs that you have mental and/or emotional areas that still challenge you in […]

Does Prayer Really Work?

Prayer Opens Your Self to the Divine Source Guest Author: Christine Jensen Prayer is an opening up of our hearts to the source of divine power so that a flow of transformational love is able to express through you. Done properly, prayer can work miracles. So what is missing when it doesn’t work? Love. Without […]

Connecting to the Inner Self

Real transformation happens when we connect with our inner Self and radiate that Essence out to the world. A new awakening is possible.Human beings are re-evaluating their way of life based on an inner calling – no longer willing to accept hand-me-down definitions of success. Thank goodness we question authority. My spiritual journey began at […]

The Shero’s Journey

Begin Your Shero’s Journey Today The Call to Essence A yearning feeling that the way you currently live your life must change. Living from the head is unsatisfying and has not created the life you desire and you urgently long to follow your heart. Denial of the Call With declaration pronounced, the enemies converge. All […]

Qualities of Life When Your Heart Leads

It Takes Courage to Live with an Open Heart Open HeartConnected to your EssenceExtreme self-love and self-careAble to readily give and receive loveGood Listener and CommunicatorForgivenessGreater sense of self-worth/esteem/confidenceCreativeEmpowered to self-actualizationHumilityGraceSense of life purposePeaceAcceptanceBlissJoyOf service to othersFree of disease; good healthEnthusiastic, you become an energy giverPassionateFeel connected to others, sense of oneness with allRealize your […]

Your Queendom Defined

Define Your Queendom Creating and living in your Queen requires you to regularly connect with your Essence and discover how to express that divine love into your thoughts, words, and deeds in a way that authentically transforms who you are and how you live your life. This powerful, transformational love energy is able to work […]

The Shero’s Journey

The Shero’s Journey to Inner Being Welcome to The Shero’s Journey. It is my hope that you visit us often, find answers to your most critical life questions, and that your life has a little more love in it when you leave. A Shero is a woman courageous enough to master the art of surrendering […]