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The Power of Flow: How to Achieve Your Goals with Ease

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Discover the energetic secret to manifesting your dreams and living your best life.

Pretend that I am talking to you right now.

The premise of my talk today is that if you really want to manifest your unrealized dreams, you have to align with the feeling sense that already lives inside of you.

Forget about visualizing and using your thoughts to attract something into your life. It doesn’t work!

Trust that you want something for a reason … and that reason is part of who you truly are, and it lives inside you because it is part of your life path. It’s meant to be, so let’s get it!

To realize your desired goal, you must follow your emotional sense of how your life will flow when it arrives. You have to align with this inner feeling vibration. Your feelings are your highest state of creation.

Listen up now if you want to know exactly HOW TO DO IT!

I will walk you through the step-by-step process right here, right now.

Your Dreams Are About to Come True

Get comfortable wherever you are and pause for a moment. Don’t do this while driving, please.

Grab a pen and paper; you will want to write your answers down. Write the first ideas and impressions that come to you without editing.

If you do not already know exactly what you want, I want you to take a moment to reflect on your life.

What have you always wanted to do but never had the chance?

What do you want to have in your life but have never figured out how to achieve it?

What are you good at? If this question stumps you, consider what your friends have told you are your skills and talents.

What are you doing that feels like a passion, and time flies by?

<Take all the time you need; I’ll be here when you return…>

Now Let’s Find Your Way

Let’s look at what you want to do or get and find a way.

Set an intention to be open and receptive to allow a shift in your life that could bring you the very thing you most desire.

Critical Part: Forget about your thoughts. I am not asking you to manifest your dreams from this level. It doesn’t work that way.

BIG TIP: What you want to do to realize your goals is align yourself with the emotional sense you already have inside of you at the center of your being that is truly what you want to have in your life.

I’ll get back to your way in a minute. Let’s take a short diversion first.

In Case you are Lost, Let’s Take My Example

My Intention: I will write five days a week and improve my writing skills to be noticed and make money.

The Feeling State: When my emotions align with my soul calling, I feel incredibly productive, which makes me feel fulfilled.

Although it can be a lot of work, I have that sense that I am “on the right track.” And because of that alignment, I don’t struggle with the motivation to get it done. I do it.

It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. During the day, I constantly write down ideas and plan for the next writing project. I feel like I am immersed in a divine flow.

And can you see that there is no struggle in this process?

If you are fighting yourself, you are not in the flow, and nothing gets done.

OK, back to your drawing board.

What Does Your Flow Look Like?

Do you have a good idea of how your life would change and how your day would be different when you live in the emotion of having what you really want?

Take what you really want in your mind, whether creating art, spending time with your family, discovering a new relationship, building a side hustle, or whatever it is; get clear right now about what you want.

Write it down in detail as you feel it.

BIG TIP: If this doesn’t light you up, throw it out and start again.

You should feel like, F*ck yeah, I am finally going to do this, and I don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks.

Write down how this process of acknowledging what’s going inside of you makes you feel.

Do you feel alive in a way you never did before?

Do you feel relief at finally getting serious about realizing your own dreams?

Are you excited about the possibilities of what or who could come into your life by doing this kind of work?

Good, stay in an open and receptive state until your goal arrives.

Remember, manifesting is not using your thoughts to attract something into your life. Manifesting transmutes formlessness, such as opportunities, abundance, and health, into form.

<PAUSE — I’ll give you a moment to get take that in>

Your Sacred Space of Manifestation

Let’s ensure we have created a sacred space for you to be open and receptive to your dreams to manifest.

Let’s barf up anything that stands in your way of receiving this gift of who you are.

Are there any doubts in your mind? Questions about how it will get done?

These are two very common responses to this kind of exercise.

BIG TIP: When you doubt something, tell yourself this is your ego, being fearful of letting go and doing something new.

Befriend and let it know that you are doing this no matter what, and it can take a back seat for now. Do not resist.

BIG TIP: If your mind questions HOW it will get done, let your ego know that the HOW is none of its business. You are creating by aligning with your emotions and receiving what is already there for you to have.

How is left up to the universal source of energy? It knows how to bring this into being WAY better than we ever will know, so let it.

BIG TIP: Wherever you feel energy stuck in your body, put your awareness on that EXACT SPOT and chant HUM until that energy dissipates and you can feel a new flow happening.

Use this affirmation: I AM ENERGY, AND I AM FREE.

You’re Almost There

Once you have declared what you want, your only job is to stay open and receptive until it arrives.

Be grateful each morning for this result that is already in your life. On some level not yet visible, it already is, and you are aligning with it now to see it manifest into form in your life.

Then let any thoughts go and move about your day in gratitude and joy. Thoughts are useless in this process.

Be aware of serendipity when it comes to greet you. Little things you didn’t know you wanted start to show up. Old friends call to check on you or introduce you to a new person.

As you go about your day, you live with the feeling that you are energy in motion. You are already living with this intention, more so every day.

Your manifesting abilities will explode as you learn to let go of obstacles and tune into unconditional love and freedom.

And you are amplifying a beautiful and powerful new energy that benefits that world.

Let me know how it goes.

Cathy Lee Taylor — entrepreneur, life coach, podcaster, and freelance writer. I like to help people realize their highest potential. You can read my ebook here.


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