Hi, I'm Coach Cathy Lee!

Are you Ready to Sparkle From Your True Self?

Coaching designed to reframe your thoughts around money, health, relationships, & self-love … and find the MAGIC inside!

How Can I Help You?

My coaching connects you directly with your creative source, and you become empowered to realize your deepest desires and dreams.

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Online Coaching

Today’s world makes it so convenient to coach online, and I am very good at sensing energy which makes it easy for me to be successful in our work together. If you are local to me, we can also meet if you prefer. Let’s have a free consultation and get excited about the possibilities, yes?

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Career Analysis

As an entrepreneur for 50+ years, I have seen the spectrum of what it means to have a career as well as change paths along the way. My coaching will help you find the clarity you need to know what your passion and calling are so you can choose a career that feels productive and fulfilling. Ready to talk?

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Balanced Body & Mind

Oh, this is probably my favorite because I have practiced yoga for 40+ years. Harmony is literally the balance of body, mind, and spirit. I would love to talk to you about what your goals are and how you practice spirituality. Consult for free!

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Course Correction

Sometimes we get stuck along the path to achieving our deepest dreams and desires. Or we wake up in mid-life and realize we forgot to focus on what we want out of life. Time for a course correction. I am excellent at helping you get clarity on what your soul wants you to know, as well as helping you find the confidence and courage to go for it! Don’t hesitate on this one, call me now!

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