Your Queendom Defined

Define Your Queendom

Creating and living in your Queen requires you to regularly connect with your Essence and discover how to express that divine love into your thoughts, words, and deeds in a way that authentically transforms who you are and how you live your life.

This powerful, transformational love energy is able to work through you in a way that also benefits other people’s lives even if you are simply thinking about them.

Your Queendom is as unique and exciting as each individual reading this post.

Here on the Shero’s Journey we celebrate your uniqueness and welcome your energy to our community of talent and fascinating women.

One of the most prominent qualities of a woman who lives in her Queendom is her ability to live with an open heart. She is courageous in her desire to express love in situations where others might typically close down their heart’s response because they feel too vulnerable or move into fear for any reason.

An open, love-expressing heart is mandatory on Shero’s Journey. It doesn’t mean you start out with this ability, but as you grow you pick up this skill and are able to execute more often. You are able to experience and express yourself as a lover of life.

To help you understand what life looks like when you live with an open heart, I am including below the qualities of an open heart vs. a closed one. I have also included how this quality expresses in your mind. Use it to gauge where you are and what takes one quality today and add it into your current repertoire.

Much love to you!