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Love Your Self
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With age and wisdom often comes a sense of urgency requiring us to find clarity about things like, “What is my purpose in life?” And, “What do I really want to accomplish before I leave this world?”

Many women spend the larger part of their lives taking care of others only to reach mid-life and discover they want to live a more authentic life; led by their inner guidance.

Some of us have been learning non-stop our whole lives and we are constantly branching into new challenges such as career changes, retirement, and taking up a new fitness challenge.

To become self-empowered and live life at the level of self-actualization, there are a few things you need to know and practice. Courage and confidence are a result of modeling new ways of being. When you are 100% responsible for your life and its outcomes, you welcome change and reap the rewards.

In our transformational coaching work, we will unlock the areas where you are being held back and feel stuck. We will transform old stories into new ways of creating exactly what you want in your life. We develop techniques that empower you to discover the answers to critical questions from your inner guidance.

Here are some of the things my clients have experienced when they let go of old attitudes and beliefs and create a new world that fits their current desires and needs:


What to Expect

*You can learn to love yourself and others at a much higher level of awareness. If you want, it’s possible to directly experience divine love and the grace that transforms your life ever after.

*Discover how to step into your own feminine power and live a productive, fulfilled life that inspires you and others as well. How to leave behind an old model of patriarchal values because, frankly, that never worked for you in the first place.

*How to get on a spiritual path and what to do when you fall off it. Learning to control your mind instead of the other way around is a critical step in being more present, mindful, peaceful and calm.

*Learn how you can communicate with others at a much higher level of connection, enjoyment, and satisfaction in the end result.

*As a sports enthusiast, many athletes are perfectionists to a fault. Our work teaches you how to do less, and control your thoughts in a way that delivers more focus and ease of performance.

Are you ready to put yourself first and become the woman you were always meant to be?




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