The Shero’s Journey

The Shero's Journey to Inner Being

Welcome to The Shero’s Journey. It is my hope that you visit us often, find answers to your most critical life questions, and that your life has a little more love in it when you leave.

A Shero is a woman courageous enough to master the art of surrendering her ego to Essence and as a result, invite a flow of divine love into her heart that transforms her lives as well as the live of others.

This transformation is life-defining in somewhat uncharted and most often, unspoken about territory.

The qualities she brings into this new life include utter faith, trust, and surrender to her purpose and to the knowledge that everything will be provided to her as needed.

A Shero answers a deep calling and longing from the inner self. The wisdom of her age no longer allows her to accept compromise or complacency. She demands to be who she is … no matter what the consequences.

I created the Shero’s model to include a woman’s perspective of her life journey and the unique experiences that occur for us – particularly at mid-life.

As most of you know, the hero’s journey has its roots in the male archetype, and I find it interesting that the different path for females isn’t spoken about.
Many women past the age of 50 are realizing that they have put their own dreams on hold while they supported everyone else: their children, spouse, friends, and even their own parents.

But now is our time and with that comes an increased sense of urgency that time is running out! We feel called to know who we truly are.

And when we make the decision to begin our journey of self-discovery, the Shero meets the inevitable challenges along the way.

But do not despair because there is also help along the way. Our community on this blog is full of people who are at one stage of this journey or another. And, they want to help you.

So check out the full model of The Shero’s Journey here (link) and join us in the conversation.

Aging & Spirituality

Aging Gracefully on a Spiritual Journey

Are you longing for a direct experience of spirituality? Are you over 60 and wondering what the purpose of your life is now? Maybe you are someone who has always taken care of everyone else, and now you are faced with some big questions about what you want for your life. Believe me, we have been there and we want to share our thoughts with you.

The difference between religion and Yoga is that Yoga provides a very direct experience of spirit. That personal experience, often attained through meditation, is what lets you know you are on the right spiritual path. Yoga is more than the physical postures, and this podcast is a sharing of the HIGHER Yogas. We talk about how our lives are improved as we get more centered in spirit. Are you ready to join us?

Women Who Put Their Oxygen Mask on First Make Better Lovers

Discover Your Magic Portal to Inner Self

Clarity of Your Life Purpose Opens a Magical Portal to a Better Life

Women are notorious for helping others before they take care of themselves. If thinking about being on an airplane and putting your child’s oxygen mask on second makes you uncomfortable, you might be in need of a lesson in radical self-care.

Most women I know want to be a better lover in some way. Some want to be a better lover to a life partner, some want to strengthen their friendships; others want to create a world in which we all live in harmony. What I know for certain is that in order to love more, you must learn how to replenish your own resources first.

Becoming a more loving individual engenders a profound sense of freedom in us all, but freedom demands change. If the idea of freedom excites you, but the thought of change scares you, know that you are not alone.

Change, letting go, and surrender are all concepts that people often misunderstand. There is an inherent fear of the unknown when adopting any of these practices, but I am here to show you the way to transform fear into freedom.

One universal truth I have come to understand is this: change is inevitable. If you are reading this, you are likely at a place where growth is no longer optional, it is essential. While it can be scary, I promise you that with the right focus, change can be fun. Living an open, growth-oriented life is an inspiring reality for you. It will align you with the kind of growth required to realize your dreams.

In my coaching practice, I will show you how women who take care of themselves first are much more capable of finding clarity in their life’s purpose, and as a result, how they are more effective in making changes for themselves, their loved ones, and for the world.

Ask yourself right now, “Does my life currently have the clarity of purpose to achieve my deepest dreams and desires?”

Deep Yearning for Freedom

Many women yearn for a sense of freedom in their lives — a deep desire for the kind of independence that allows you to do what you want; when you want.

But somehow that experience of life and liberty in its wholeness remains just out of reach.

How many of you feel that if you only knew what your purpose was; many of the other unanswered questions in your life would naturally be resolved?

What if finding your purpose opened up a portal to living a magical and charmed life full of serendipity?

Where are you now?

What women are saying about their lives:

“My career is no longer fulfilling. I spend so much time in my mind solving problems that I am exhausted. There is no time for creativity or play in my life.”

“I have been a mother so long I don’t know any other way to live. But I can’t continue to over give; always putting others first. I have no time to replenish my own energy. I need to feel joy again.”

“I have always felt a deeper calling to serve somehow but have a clue what that life might look like. I can’t answer a call if I don’t know what that call is.”

“I want to learn how to create on a much deeper level and have serendipity in my life. If I knew my life purpose, I could manifest what I really want and help others do the same thing.”

“After turning 50, my sense of urgency to do what I came here to do has amplified. Life is short, and time is my most precious commodity now. I want the freedom I deserve.”

“I know my body is a result of my chronic thoughts; and the fact that I am in constant pain is a reminder that I am not living up to my potential. I need help to change that pattern.”

“My finances have always been a weak area in my life, and I want to free my consciousness of that limitation and find a balance of work and freedom that satisfies my needs and inner desires.”

“Without a sense of harmony, it is easy to fall into despair and anxiety. I just want to feel like I live in a world that supports me to be myself and be surrounded with people who feel the same.”

“My relationships are everything to me; the first being with myself. Then my friends and, God willing, I can find an intimacy with someone that leads to a happy life walking our paths together.”

“I don’t want to die with my unique song still inside of me. I am determined to find out what my calling is and nothing is going to stop me.”

What if it were possible to let go of all doubt and fear about your future because you tap into your true-life purpose and feel more confident?

Would you have the courage to move forward with those next steps you have been ignoring for years?

What if your work left you feeling entirely productive and fulfilled?

What if you had the ability to be happy at will because you feel empowered and not limited?

All of this and more can happen for you.

And the first step lies in the commitment to put your needs and desires first.

What do You Know for Sure?

I was born into an impoverished family in Canada, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that having money was better than not. I got my first job at the age of 12 and 51 years later, I am still working.

Truth is, being poor set me on a path to some of the greatest discoveries in my life. Like moving away from home at age 16 and going to University. Then leaving my birthplace at age 22 for California where I became an entrepreneur, wife and mother.

I studied yoga with a master and learned how to calm my mind and emotions enough to experience a powerful spiritual connection. Forty years later, I remain a twice-a-day meditator.

For sure there were many bumps along the way. Divorce for one and raising my son as a single mom while running a business.

No doubt I have had my share of feeling trapped in many of life’s disagreeable circumstances.

… until that one fateful day that changed everything in my world.

At age 35, I damn near died from heart failure. It’s a bit of a long story, but it was the first time that I understood beyond a shadow of a doubt that my real path to freedom didn’t exist on the outside … but could be found within myself.

It was during this journey of walking the path of my inner world that the details of my life purpose became clearer.

My first near-death experience (NDE) showed me a world I knew in my gut to be truer than true (is that a thing?). But remarkably, I could not find words to help me share what I had learned with others.

It was almost like I had uncovered a magical key to reality that ordained no one could ever again take away my personal happiness; and all I had to do to maintain my new state of being was learn to how to stay in the moment. To be here now was the exit door from the crazy in life. And it was also that instant experienced in the fullness of my NDE.

This miraculous moment is where my real story began.

When you put Yourself First

Life after my near-death experience was confusing and disruptive in a way that is really hard to describe. I felt like death was walking right beside me and that’s how it should be. I wasn’t scared about dying any more. I was piercingly aware it could happen at any moment. And that awareness added a quality of joy and appreciation to my life that didn’t exist before.

But there was also a mounting sense of urgency that never again left me alone because I had tapped into a resource that I felt deeply our world needed to know about. At the same time, I couldn’t take people where I had gone and believe me when I say, there are no perfect words to do justice to the depth of that experience.

But I tried. Because, you know, that sense of urgency!

What I came in contact with when being in the presence of Divine Love was a message about my own life purpose. I heard the words, “This is the kind of love I want the world to know about.” And I knew what I had to do with the rest of my life. Should be simple, right?

Good grief Charlie Brown. How was I ever going to talk about this greater kind of love? A kind of love that can solve any problem you could possibly come up with and allow you to feel ecstasy forever if you wanted. Truth be told, it took me 30 years to figure that out.

So Many Pieces, So Little Time

Over the years, I practiced the ways in which I could tune into the essence of Divine Love and use its power to live a more quality life that I could share with others.

The first thing I deepened was my practice of self-care. I learned to put myself first. Most women I know would agree that just putting our oxygen mask on first is an extremely uncomfortable idea. We are programmed from a young age to help others before ourselves.

It turns out that taking care of yourself first puts you in a position of being able to help others in a much more powerful and effective manner. It is much harder to be a great lover when your own oxygen tank is empty.

So, the big idea that I could use love as an all-embracing solution to any life problem gave me plenty of opportunities to create new responses to life’s challenges.

Looking back, I realized that I had developed a six-step system in my own life that allowed me to reconnect with divine love when needed, as well as practice how to let go of the old patterns and beliefs in my life that stopped me from being in that connected state naturally.

It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it.

How to Live Connected to Universal Energy

I’ve had a spiritual practice since my early twenties. And like most spiritual aspirants, I struggled for so many years about why I couldn’t stay centered in that connection with divine love all of the time. It was often difficult to get back on the spiritual path when I got thrown off. The ego is a formidable foe.

What I know for sure now is that even when you learn how to be spiritual; it doesn’t mean life stops throwing challenges at you.

Far from it. In fact, life throws more opportunities your way in order to expand your ability to stay centered in the universal oneness.

And this is where the magic begins.

One of your best weapons is the intention you set, and another success tool is to NEVER GIVE UP!

Yep, I hate to tell you, even when you learn how to connect to your spiritual source, sh*t is still going to hit the fan, and those are your moments of grace where you get to rise up and live your best life!

Your Purpose Upgrades Your Life Significantly

If you feel a sense of urgency that you haven’t realized or fulfilled your life calling, I want to assure you there is a path to getting that done in record time!

The first shift you have to make is to establish a practice of connecting with universal energy every day. For me that practice is meditation which I do at dawn and dusk daily.

But you don’t have to be a meditator. Plenty others have learned to connect through methods such as mindfulness, yoga postures, breathing practices or pranayams, chanting, deep relaxation or just being in nature.

But connect you must! Daily.

As you focus on staying centered in source; you begin to live at higher levels of consciousness, and you might find that you have to navigate some subconscious blocks that pop up.

No worries, there are easy ways to transform these old stories.

It just takes some diligent practice to become aware of, and as a result, get rid of these obstructive narratives.

A Journey You Don’t Want to Miss

When I turned 51, my second NDE was an acute wake-up call to get going on this journey of helping others. I spent many years struggling to know what this calling should look like in the world, and honestly, I got good at making up reasons that stopped me from doing anything.

But now I can clearly see when I am stopping myself from letting my light in. I know the tricks of the ego and how to get around them.

That’s part of the reason I became a Transformational Coach working mostly with women who want to practice radical self-care so they can help others as well as create a network of women who want to do the same.

It is time to allow our minds and hearts to heal and leave the weak and hurt part of ourselves in the scrap pile of stinky memories. Then we can move into visibility in the world in a way that our inner, universal being shines through and inspire others.

We used to believe that we didn’t matter, or we weren’t good enough. But that’s when we were putting someone else’s oxygen mask on first.

Now is the time for women like us to rise up and change the world.

My Offer Just for You

I invite you into a relationship with me so we can rise up together. For women who resonate with my story, I am here to help catapult you into a new level of being.

I work with many women who thought they would never find their life purpose. I promise you, not only can you find your purpose, you don’t have to have an NDE to do it!

One woman stopped holding onto the idea of saving her old marriage after two years already divorced and made plans to move to her hometown of New York to be in a new relationship.

One older man I coached had built several successful businesses but was feeling lost when I met him. In just two sessions, he started seeing a physical therapist and created a consulting business and felt like he got his life back.

Another women left a marriage that made her feel like she “was in prison,” and became self-supporting and is planning to move to her dream place in Hawaii to take care of her greatest love of animals.

You can find your purpose and next steps too. Together we will work on uncovering your old stories and transforming them into new ones that match the vision you have for your future self.

If you resonate with my journey and what I am sharing, I would love to hear from you. I have seen the power of this work deliver many women who are on the verge of greatness into living lives they only imagined before.

Contact me at coachcathylee AT gmail dot com for a free, 30-minute discovery session.

Are you ready to rise up, fulfill your life purpose and have a magical life? Tick tock ladies, tick tock.

Forgiveness can Release Past Lives

Forgiveness Begins with Your Self

Forgive Yourself First

Do you want freedom, perfect health, to feel joy and experience a truly magical and abundant life?

If any of these occurrences still elude you, it could mean you are in need of forgiving. Signs that you have mental and/or emotional areas that still challenge you in your attempts to move forward in your life include issues such as:

•When you think of someone all you can remember is the injury that they caused you.
• You carry around feelings of hate or anger for someone and can’t let go of these negative feelings.
• Certain desires that you really want continue to elude you.
• Remembering past traumas still make your heart sting.
• You have trouble feeling compassion or having goodwill for a person.

At some point in all of our lives, everyone takes stock of the areas that are holding us back from being free, healthy, full of joy and experiencing a really abundant life. These areas typically include trauma from childhood which need to be uncovered and bathed in a process of forgiveness.

We also all have certain trigger points that continue to drive us crazy because they are just part of our personality. For me injustice does it every time. I have to practice really hard to love someone who I feel has ‘wronged’ me. The good news is that it is possible.

Make no mistake; if you choose not to forgive, it is you who reaps the uncomfortable consequences which can be dramatic. Recently a friend of mine experienced a mild stroke and after some personal examination, she realized how much anger she had been carrying around for her daughter’s husband who had cheated in his marriage.

Logically she knew it wasn’t her problem to solve, but she couldn’t be in his presence without feeling a lot of negative emotions. When you make forgiveness a practice in your life, it is your health and well-being that benefits.

So how can we open our hearts and let love heal these stuck places in our lives?

I will give you an example of something that I recently experienced as I believe it is a powerful example of the need to forgive and how if you choose not to, you will have trouble moving forward in your own life.

For years I have had digestion, stomach and gallbladder issues. My response was to see both allopathic doctors and alternative medicine healers to restore my health. Believe me when I say most of it was a waste of a lot of time and money. Not because they weren’t knowledgeable or good at what they do because I learned a lot about maintaining good health. But the solution to the problem for me came when I was ready and willing to deal with the cause.

For readers who do not believe in reincarnation, please forgive me because for you I am about to go off the rails. This process of forgiveness in my life involved a past life, but the principles of forgiveness still apply.

Years ago I did a past-life regression and remembered a lifetime in which I was killed for getting pregnant as a single woman. I have clear memories of the clothes the people were wearing and it felt like we were Pilgrims possibly in the 1600s.

The townspeople took me out in the middle of the night and placed a large slab of wood on top of me. They then continued to add stones until I was crushed under the weight. Unfortunately, I was also pregnant at the time, and I relived the entire experience of feeling my child die first.

The married man in this situation, whom I was in love with, did not tell the truth and admit to being the father and did nothing to stop what was happening. I felt his sadness and also his inability to speak up for what was right. That person is also in my current life.

Even though this regression helped me to understand that I was still carrying influences from this past life, I was able to release the emotional field entirely. I didn’t know that at the time.

It wasn’t until recently that I connected the physical problems with my stomach to this memory. I also carried a feeling of great shame for wanting sex in this lifetime. Innately I felt my sexual needs were wrong and bad but I never really understood why.

Imagine how much my current life improved as I began to forgive this lifetime.
I first had to forgive myself for seducing a married man. Then I had to forgive the man who didn’t have the courage to tell the truth. Lastly, I had to forgive the townspeople for killing me and my child.

I used several steps in my Essential Empowerment model to handle this process of forgiving. (You can find this model in my book, Always Choose Love: Six Steps to Open Your Heart and Transform Your Life.)

The first step was to meditate and connect with Essence. I needed to be in a loving state with my heart as open as possible. I did all three of these at once, but if you find the process overwhelming emotionally, always stop and come back to it another time.

Then I saw myself in that lifetime as the young and vulnerable child that I was and how the time, situation and my choices had caused me to meet this fate. I imagined surrounding her heart with a beautiful pink light.

I stayed centered in love and kept this flow going until I felt a release. I mentally repeated the words, “I forgive you.” When I was done, my body felt lighter, and I sensed an inner smile go out to myself in that lifetime.

It is interesting to note that of the three elements I needed to work with, forgiving me was the toughest and took the most out of me emotionally.
The next step was forgiving the man involved in that lifetime, who I know in this life, so I just imagined him for this process.

In my mind, I reached out my hand to him and asked him to put his hand in mine. Then I mentally forgave him for not having the courage to speak up and sent love from my heart to his. Again, I stayed in this state until I felt my body release the stuck energy.

For the townspeople I couldn’t pinpoint anyone specifically, so I just meditated on the idea that these people had come to witness this event and that their religious beliefs allowed them to think this was the right thing to do. Some part of me understood this mentality and didn’t have a lot of trouble forgiving them. I just said a prayer and let go of the thought.

Does Prayer Really Work?

Prayer Opens Your Self to the Divine Source

Guest Author: Christine Jensen

Prayer is an opening up of our hearts to the source of divine power so that a flow of transformational love is able to express through you. Done properly, prayer can work miracles.

So what is missing when it doesn’t work?


Without being in the mood of love, prayer doesn’t move out from you. Love gives the prayer transformational power.

When we prayer for others, and especially when we pray for ourselves, unfortunately, we often want we think should happen. We are looking at the circumstances from a place of deep, personal opinion.

We all would love to make the world conform to our insights; but how unfortunate the world would be if that is how prayer worked.

You have to turn to your source, Essence, God or whatever term you are comfortable with and surrender up your personal opinion. Ask the source to reveal her opinion, her love, or her will. This practice leads to a much more powerful prayer and an attuned and happy life.

Go to your source in a humble, open manner in your prayer and offer up the situation that you are concerned about. Then be open to receiving the loving response you have asked for as this is a critical part of successful prayer.

As we learn to pray in this unassuming manner, we then become empty of resistance to source and instead become attuned and as a result, are open to receiving the results of the prayer.

If you have questions about what is the best possible outcome regarding the situation or person you are praying for, ask your source in prayer. “What is your will? Please show me what you want for this person or situation.” Then be still and receive with an open heart.

Let’s say you have feelings that are getting in the way. Maybe you feel guilty or frustrated because you have prayed before and have not seen the results you wanted. This means you are not clear and still in a state of “regular” consciousness versus a higher, more attuned state.

Sense your relationship with source as much as you can and then sense your relationship with the person you are concerned about and bring that person into your relationship with your source. “Lord please heal or help this person if it be your will.”  Don’t limit the situation by your own suggestions.

This kind of prayer requires you to go into a profound sense of compassion or empathy for humanity; a feeling of love for God and empathy with humanity so deep that you sense the other person’s being.

In other words, suddenly you feel like you are inside the person, like your face has their features or your body has their features.  Keep in mind that this is not the best practice for someone who is just learning to pray. It is possible to absorb someone else’s sickness or troubles.

If you are a beginner, start with feeling love. You care about someone so deeply you feel as if you are inside their body within their condition, then what you can do is take your hand, hold it as if blessing this person, or just think of the Lord holding her hand and blessing her. Use words such as, “May your love, blessings and grace be on this person.”

A great Indian saint by the name of Sri Ramakrishna used to think of the Lord as having form such as a loving Mother and he would think of himself as her child. He would then make an offering to the Mother of something that he loved. For example, once he wanted to pray for a devotee of his that traveled with him often and was not well so he offered Mother three ripe coconuts and said, “You know how I like coconuts Ma, who will I talk to when I go to Calcutta?”

Puja prayer is a way that enables people to sense the play, or what Sri Ramakrishna referred to as the Lila, between the individual and the Lord. Sri Ramakrishna felt this was a powerful way to pray for someone.

Invoke the Lord’s presence however it feels good to you. The offering should be something you care about and is symbolic of your love and offered up with devotion. Say something like, “I offer this up in <name> and may the benefits and blessing go to help her/him.”

Begin with deep meditation on the Lord of your heart and enter into a mood of love or communion. Feeling this love deeply say, “Lord I am enjoying life sweetly, but the people in Africa are miserable. What can be done for these people who are starving, sick or in harm’s way?”

Be still and often you will receive some kind of inspiration about what you can do to help. Bhava prayer is like a conversation with your source. If you lose the mood of love, then you have become too objective. Try to get back to the mood of love.

If the Bhava (mood of love) gets more intense, beautiful and sweet, then your prayer is not disturbing the process of this marvelous relationship. Mystics like to have a picture of the person they are praying for and touch it to their third eye.  This creates a spiritual tie with that person.

Since the Divine abides within you, you are unleashing that spiritual activity from within to participate in this work of creation.  When you are praying for someone else, you are letting the Divine within you express with your full cooperation in the life of that person. 

The source within us strives to express further creation through every individual, including you.  Anyone who willingly cooperates is an instrument of good. That’s how the Saints do it.

Connecting to the Inner Self


Real transformation happens when we connect with our inner Self and radiate that Essence out to the world. A new awakening is possible.
Human beings are re-evaluating their way of life based on an inner calling – no longer willing to accept hand-me-down definitions of success. Thank goodness we question authority.

My spiritual journey began at the age of 18, and I have studied the higher yogas since 1982. For those of you who wonder why I spend my time writing books, articles and blogs that empower women, I would love for you to read my story.

This book chapter provides insight into how I discovered my personal purpose and why I now dedicate myself to helping other women live their dream lives. Just give me your name and email in the form on this page, and I will send you a free chapter of my book.

The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Certainly we have the education, perhaps the resources and time to give, and have shown inclination for change. But mostly importantly, I believe that when we light the flame of another woman’s candle across the world – she too will know what to do to empower herself and help her community.

Compassionate women create a deeper global connection of feminine energy that impregnates all of our systems including education, politics, healthcare and economics. As women become brave enough to live empowered and authentic lives; the whole world benefits.

Inner discovery takes courage and anyone who has walked the path will tell you, “The effort is not necessarily easy, but it is completely worth it.” When we put our focus on love every day, and permeate our thoughts, feelings and actions with this universal energy, we connect and strengthen each other in a way that inspires change.

This blog is meant as an inspiration for women around the world to improve themselves and their lives every day and as a result, reach out and help their friends, families, community, and if so called, the world as well.

If you are new to discovering your inner Self, I’ll show you ways to get there and talk about what you find and its meaning. We’ll visit critical topics that affect your life every day and build a community of like-minded women who can share their personal inspiration.

You’ll learn how to plan for random acts of kindness often as well as discover how to create change for ourselves that can help us live fulfilled lives. We’ll address where you are right now in your personal growth and what your next steps might possibly be.

These words will encourage you to look at your life and the actions you take as a possible win-win for everyone. And we want you to laugh – a lot! You won’t feel separate or lonely after you hang out here, and soon that feeling of being connected to the universe will permeate your personal life. You’re also going to learn the true meaning of surrender and how to make that work for you.

As a result, you might just wake up in the morning thinking “I Love My Life.” Then you will know that your life has become your message.

The women who hang out here could become friends because they travel the same road as you and want to share their love and light. What we have in common is the desire to uplift and empower ourselves as well as other women around the world to make personal and global changes that help us all move toward greater expressions of love, compassion, joy and peace.

If you don’t see what interests you here, please write to me from our contact page, and I will do my best to address your questions. If I don’t know the answers, I promise to find people who do. Keep returning so we can light your flame and so you can share your light with us so you life becomes more fulfilled. Be a shining inspiration for the rest of the world.

Imagine the World full of people
Who know how to love each other
In a divine way
I dare you

The Shero’s Journey

Begin Your Shero's Journey Today

The Call to Essence

A yearning feeling that the way you currently live your life must change.

Living from the head is unsatisfying and has not created the life you desire and you urgently long to follow your heart.

Denial of the Call

With declaration pronounced, the enemies converge.

All the reasons to remain the same bombard you.

I am not worthy, that is someone else’s responsibility, failing belief systems, fear of the unknown, or success and failure.

Journey Women Emerges

You know that the search lies inside and you have no choice but to find the answers.

Often a sister mentor, teacher or guide arrives in your life to show you the way.

New World Dawns

There is a joyous awakening and you no longer doubt that a new world awaits you.

You set an intention and make the commitment to remain open to your path and its intuitive answers.

Death & Rebirth Climax

The journey woman arrives at the ultimate experience of loss, grief, or possible near death.

This stage involves a significant loss of identification (with something or someone) and the only question that remains is, “Who Am I?”

You must choose to resolve the initial polarity: will you ignore the signs or evolve into your new way of life? Die or become resurrected?

The Treasure Remains

No doubt you have been given a sacred gift; a treasure that loses some worth unless it is shared and given away to others.

This gift transforms your world without your effort but it can also change the lives of others as your story is retold.

You choose to create and live in your feminine Queendom and that legacy begins your path of living from an open heart.

Qualities of Life When Your Heart Leads

It Takes Courage to Live with an Open Heart

Open Heart
Connected to your Essence
Extreme self-love and self-care
Able to readily give and receive love
Good Listener and Communicator
Greater sense of self-worth/esteem/confidence
Empowered to self-actualization
Sense of life purpose
Of service to others
Free of disease; good health
Enthusiastic, you become an energy
Feel connected to others, sense of oneness with all
Realize your potential
Open to receive guidance from
Power to heal and transform your
life and body
Able to help others transform their
Surrendered to the inner self
Easy to be alone or silent
Aligned with truth, beauty, and
Discrimination, clearly know right
from wrong
Easy to be in relationship,
passionate, intimacy
Sense of belonging to family and
Feel centered, secure and safe

Blocked Heart Flow
Lack of empathy
Prone to illness (heart, lunch,
blood, cancer)
Create more karma
Unable to access or express the
Unkind, mean toward others
Blocked creativity
Unable to forgive
Poor self-esteem
Disempowered, Unable to take
Sense of shame
Lack of life purpose
Poor relationship skills
Unable to share emotions or be intimate
Controlling or violent, abusive
Feel off-center, insecure,
Lack of respect

Open Mind
Connected to your Essence
Able to experience timelessness
Don’t experience boundaries
State of being is easy to operate
Discrimination and discernment
Clarity of thinking
Able to concentrate and focus more
Good Listener and Communicator

Blocked, Misperceptions based on beliefs
Grief, unexpressed
Feeling of separation from others, a disconnection
Feel alone and isolated
Sabotage your own life without knowing why
Unwilling to see the truth
Poor decision-making skills
Refusal to accept responsibility for
one’s life
Checking out mentally
Unable to speak your mind
Unwilling to hear others
Lack of communication skills 


Your Queendom Defined

Define Your Queendom

Creating and living in your Queen requires you to regularly connect with your Essence and discover how to express that divine love into your thoughts, words, and deeds in a way that authentically transforms who you are and how you live your life.

This powerful, transformational love energy is able to work through you in a way that also benefits other people’s lives even if you are simply thinking about them.

Your Queendom is as unique and exciting as each individual reading this post.

Here on the Shero’s Journey we celebrate your uniqueness and welcome your energy to our community of talent and fascinating women.

One of the most prominent qualities of a woman who lives in her Queendom is her ability to live with an open heart. She is courageous in her desire to express love in situations where others might typically close down their heart’s response because they feel too vulnerable or move into fear for any reason.

An open, love-expressing heart is mandatory on Shero’s Journey. It doesn’t mean you start out with this ability, but as you grow you pick up this skill and are able to execute more often. You are able to experience and express yourself as a lover of life.

To help you understand what life looks like when you live with an open heart, I am including below the qualities of an open heart vs. a closed one. I have also included how this quality expresses in your mind. Use it to gauge where you are and what takes one quality today and add it into your current repertoire.

Much love to you!