The Shero’s Journey

Begin Your Shero's Journey Today

The Call to Essence

A yearning feeling that the way you currently live your life must change.

Living from the head is unsatisfying and has not created the life you desire and you urgently long to follow your heart.

Denial of the Call

With declaration pronounced, the enemies converge.

All the reasons to remain the same bombard you.

I am not worthy, that is someone else’s responsibility, failing belief systems, fear of the unknown, or success and failure.

Journey Women Emerges

You know that the search lies inside and you have no choice but to find the answers.

Often a sister mentor, teacher or guide arrives in your life to show you the way.

New World Dawns

There is a joyous awakening and you no longer doubt that a new world awaits you.

You set an intention and make the commitment to remain open to your path and its intuitive answers.

Death & Rebirth Climax

The journey woman arrives at the ultimate experience of loss, grief, or possible near death.

This stage involves a significant loss of identification (with something or someone) and the only question that remains is, “Who Am I?”

You must choose to resolve the initial polarity: will you ignore the signs or evolve into your new way of life? Die or become resurrected?

The Treasure Remains

No doubt you have been given a sacred gift; a treasure that loses some worth unless it is shared and given away to others.

This gift transforms your world without your effort but it can also change the lives of others as your story is retold.

You choose to create and live in your feminine Queendom and that legacy begins your path of living from an open heart.

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