Are Your Ready for Miracles?

As an Online Life Coach; I can tell you that transformational coaching produces miracles for people who are ready to make a change in their life and have been unable to get the kind of clarity they need to move forward. I want to give you an idea of how our work together might look in getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

We first do a free 30-minute initial intake consultation so we can assess whether or not we feel comfortable moving forward in this process. I will email you an intake form and we can discuss our goals via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

Once we decide to set up an initial appointment, I will send you a link to schedule time and process payment. Because I work with people all over the world, the majority of my calls are handled by Skype or Zoom. If, however, you live in the Orange County, CA area, and would like to meet in person, we can also discuss this further.


Before our first meeting, I will send you a questionnaire that helps me understand where you are now in your life and what your goals are for the future. This form needs to be received by me at least one day (48 hours) prior to our call which gives me time to review and prepare and saves us precious time on our first coaching call. If you have questions about this form, you can email me, and I will respond in a timely manner.

More than one of my clients has expressed the same sentiment in working with me, referring to our conversations as talking to a best friend. In fact, when asked about what gifts I have that make me a great Transformational Life Coach, M.K. replied, You authentically care! Yes, I do care and that is why I chose this work.

What to Expect From Me

There are several other gifts I possess that assist your transformation including:

*A strong connection to the divine energy that creates us and the world we live in

*A life-long love and cultivation of the process for successful change with a growth mind

*A belief system that knows it is possible to create anything you want with the right framework & energy

*An uncanny ability to sense where you are sabotaging and holding yourself back from achieving greatness and how to easily release these blocks

*An unshakeable faith in the universe and its willingness to work for each individual and their success

*A practiced and extraordinary ability to deeply listen to you and hear what you are not saying

*Commitments to helping others with my essence qualities including love, compassion, kind, inspiration, courage, enthusiasm, humor, independence, freedom, visionary, determination, confidence, and intuitive

*The ability to focus not on solving the problem … but on living the solution

*An entrepreneur in small business over 45 years ready to help others live productive, fulfilling lives

Are you ready to rewrite your life story?

Call or email me now, and I look forward to meeting with you soon so we can create your personal transformation.