Always Choose Love: Six Steps to Open Your Heart and Transform Your Life

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Are you a woman ready to rewrite your story and find out who you really are? Do you crave the freedom to do what you want, when you want?

Always Choose Love is all about women’s empowerment and talks about my journey of discovery on how to live a more authentic life from the inside out. And, how I accomplished that by developing a system of constantly connecting to my inner self or Essence.

No one can say what the right way is for you. The beauty of each individual life is that you are unique and must find your own path. The journey lies in discovering your inner voice and listening to it in a way that you receive deep and fulfilling answers to your most profound questions. And when you do, your life is transformed in a way that you know how to enjoy each moment. As a result, your productivity, levels of fulfillment, and happiness increase significantly.

Get ready to travel your Shero’s Journey. A Shero is a woman who puts feeling love as her first priority because she wants to improve her quality of life and be able to focus her mind and control her emotions at will.

She understands that her daily, predominant thoughts and feelings are what shape her life outcomes. And she is determined to manage that process and create the life she has always dreamed of.

Always Choose Love provides a six-step guide to help you better follow as well as understand your Shero’s Journey. What is the first step? What do I do if I fall off my path? How do I know if I am progressing? All of these questions and more are answered in this book.

Your Queendom is a concept introduced in this book that is a natural state of Being which occurs when you successfully connect to your Essence, and it can be gauged by how you feel. For example; right now are you feeling loving, happy, content, productive, fulfilled because of your life choices? Can you experience loving and being loved any time you want? A Shero knows she is succeeding on her journey when her Queendom takes on the qualities of living at a higher vibrational level.

If you are interested in women’s empowerment and feel

 the call to follow your inner wisdom;

 this book will help you do just that.

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Learn the Six Steps that Keep you Connected to Your Inner Self

Essential Empowerment Model