Connecting to the Inner Self


Real transformation happens when we connect with our inner Self and radiate that Essence out to the world. A new awakening is possible.
Human beings are re-evaluating their way of life based on an inner calling – no longer willing to accept hand-me-down definitions of success. Thank goodness we question authority.

My spiritual journey began at the age of 18, and I have studied the higher yogas since 1982. For those of you who wonder why I spend my time writing books, articles and blogs that empower women, I would love for you to read my story.

This book chapter provides insight into how I discovered my personal purpose and why I now dedicate myself to helping other women live their dream lives. Just give me your name and email in the form on this page, and I will send you a free chapter of my book.

The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Certainly we have the education, perhaps the resources and time to give, and have shown inclination for change. But mostly importantly, I believe that when we light the flame of another woman’s candle across the world – she too will know what to do to empower herself and help her community.

Compassionate women create a deeper global connection of feminine energy that impregnates all of our systems including education, politics, healthcare and economics. As women become brave enough to live empowered and authentic lives; the whole world benefits.

Inner discovery takes courage and anyone who has walked the path will tell you, “The effort is not necessarily easy, but it is completely worth it.” When we put our focus on love every day, and permeate our thoughts, feelings and actions with this universal energy, we connect and strengthen each other in a way that inspires change.

This blog is meant as an inspiration for women around the world to improve themselves and their lives every day and as a result, reach out and help their friends, families, community, and if so called, the world as well.

If you are new to discovering your inner Self, I’ll show you ways to get there and talk about what you find and its meaning. We’ll visit critical topics that affect your life every day and build a community of like-minded women who can share their personal inspiration.

You’ll learn how to plan for random acts of kindness often as well as discover how to create change for ourselves that can help us live fulfilled lives. We’ll address where you are right now in your personal growth and what your next steps might possibly be.

These words will encourage you to look at your life and the actions you take as a possible win-win for everyone. And we want you to laugh – a lot! You won’t feel separate or lonely after you hang out here, and soon that feeling of being connected to the universe will permeate your personal life. You’re also going to learn the true meaning of surrender and how to make that work for you.

As a result, you might just wake up in the morning thinking “I Love My Life.” Then you will know that your life has become your message.

The women who hang out here could become friends because they travel the same road as you and want to share their love and light. What we have in common is the desire to uplift and empower ourselves as well as other women around the world to make personal and global changes that help us all move toward greater expressions of love, compassion, joy and peace.

If you don’t see what interests you here, please write to me from our contact page, and I will do my best to address your questions. If I don’t know the answers, I promise to find people who do. Keep returning so we can light your flame and so you can share your light with us so you life becomes more fulfilled. Be a shining inspiration for the rest of the world.

Imagine the World full of people
Who know how to love each other
In a divine way
I dare you