The Shero’s Journey

The Shero's Journey to Inner Being

Welcome to The Shero’s Journey. It is my hope that you visit us often, find answers to your most critical life questions, and that your life has a little more love in it when you leave.

A Shero is a woman courageous enough to master the art of surrendering her ego to Essence and as a result, invite a flow of divine love into her heart that transforms her lives as well as the live of others.

This transformation is life-defining in somewhat uncharted and most often, unspoken about territory.

The qualities she brings into this new life include utter faith, trust, and surrender to her purpose and to the knowledge that everything will be provided to her as needed.

A Shero answers a deep calling and longing from the inner self. The wisdom of her age no longer allows her to accept compromise or complacency. She demands to be who she is … no matter what the consequences.

I created the Shero’s model to include a woman’s perspective of her life journey and the unique experiences that occur for us – particularly at mid-life.

As most of you know, the hero’s journey has its roots in the male archetype, and I find it interesting that the different path for females isn’t spoken about.
Many women past the age of 50 are realizing that they have put their own dreams on hold while they supported everyone else: their children, spouse, friends, and even their own parents.

But now is our time and with that comes an increased sense of urgency that time is running out! We feel called to know who we truly are.

And when we make the decision to begin our journey of self-discovery, the Shero meets the inevitable challenges along the way.

But do not despair because there is also help along the way. Our community on this blog is full of people who are at one stage of this journey or another. And, they want to help you.

So check out the full model of The Shero’s Journey here (link) and join us in the conversation.