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My story may not be that different than yours. Like so many of us, I realize that my life has been a series of adventures too interesting not to share. And, I have chosen to step up to become a Transformation Coach and embrace my power so I can create the best version of me possible while helping other women become empowered in their lives.

I wake up every day so grateful to be alive (sign up in the form on the right to read my NDE story and you will better understand why). I always have a song in my heart and the words “I Love my Life” fill my being. I want to share that love with you.

When writing my new book, Always Choose Love – Six Steps to Open Your Heart and Transform Your Life, I discovered an authentic place inside of me that I could count on to deliver new insights and magic daily.

In 2015, I sat at my desk every morning for four months and asked my Essence, “What would you like to write today?” And every day I received a different answer. What I discovered was a methodology of self-empowerment I had inadvertently developed over the years that I was using to help me maintain higher levels of awareness. As a result, I experience more happiness, joy, harmony, and peace in my life.

I share this information now so you can get an idea of how I created a fulfilling and productive life for myself and how that led me from being a business entrepreneur to becoming a Transformational Life Coach. It is my sincere hope that by revealing my story, I can help you realize your own dreams.

So I am throwing my hat in the ring and saying, I am here to help! What I know for sure is that LOVE MATTERS. To see how I work, read my services page here.

I will stay in communication with you via my blog, The Shero’s Journey, so please stop by and learn what it means to live in the Queendom.

I look forward to meeting up with you sometime.

“The ones who are willing¬†to look inside for life guidance are the ones who find their authentic self.”

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