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Create, innovate, and manifest your deepest desires

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Are you ready to put yourself first?

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Discover the transformational energy of Love

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Become Empowered to Live From Your Heart

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  • The intrinsic nature of a human Being is created from Essence.

Become One with Divine Love

What are you creating with the rest of your life?

If you are ready to actualize the higher possibility for your life and receive complete clarity about your life purpose, I can help.

Maybe you feel stuck in one spot and are unable to dig yourself out; I can point the way toward freedom.

You see, I am in the business of transforming fear into freedom. And, transformational coaching is brilliant at helping you release old, worn-out ideas about who you are and how your life should look; into creating new stories that encompass your updated dreams and visions.

So many of us are experiencing a sense of urgency that life is short and it is crucial to the quality of our lives that we learn how to live on purpose. I want you to know that being authentic in your life choices is totally possible.
Transformational Coaching can work if you:
*Are ready to be open, receptive and have a growth-oriented mindset than brings serendipity into your life
*Need absolute clarity on any issue in your life that is holding you back - including your purpose
*Desire to create and commit to your next steps and be held accountable for your success
*Are beyond ready to unlock your inner potential
*Want to explore the idea of moving into a position of leadership
*Wonder what essential empowerment might look like for your life

What being coached by Cathy Lee Taylor gives you:
*My commitment to your personal growth inspired by over 45 years of being on my spiritual path
*Laser focus on the Truth, honesty and an open, receptive mode of living that shows you how to create your desired life
*Deep caring for others giving me an extraordinary ability for compassion and the ability to motivate you to reach higher
*Passion with a YES-to-life, positive attitude and enduring enthusiasm that is contagious
*Ability to be a non-judgmental, as well as incredibly deep listener with an skillful ability to communicate clearly
*A great sense of humor, patience and capacity to focus on what will make a difference for you in manifesting what you want
*45+ years of business, marketing and entrepreneurial experience

For me, facilitating your personal breakthroughs is what I do best! It's my life purpose. Visit the My Process page if you need more information about Transformational Coaching.
What Clients Say:
"Cathy Lee's ability to intuitively connect with me and my individual needs throughout the coaching process was mind-blowing! She has an ability to see me for who I truly am, connect with me on a much deeper level and ask me those difficult questions that allowed me to identify and let go of old stories that have held me back and kept me playing small for years. She saw me for who I truly am, and being fully seen, supported, championed and loved unconditionally without judgement, gave me a safe space to give myself permission to do all of those things for myself - what an incredible gift!" -- Sharada W.
 "Working with Cathy Lee has been one of the best investments in myself I have ever made. I leave my sessions often having awakened to a part of myself that makes me feel more whole, more known and more at peace. It's not about tackling decisions from a headspace. She utilizes many practices and techniques that draw you into your body, initiating change from the inside out. Cathy has a natural intuition and gift for exploring the deeper realms with reverence and a healthy dose of playfulness. She is truly helping me to change my life." -- Allie S.   

"Cathy Lee is a highly talented, intuitive life coach with a finely developed skill for personalized guidance. I've known Cathy Lee for over 4 years, and she has helped me (and others) greatly by quickly identifying my core issues, and then helping me to transform them into my greatest strengths. When I met her I had a modest salary working in an HR-related job. In 2021, I am on track to make $200K and that wasn't even my main goal! Cathy is also a group meditation teacher, and I can tell you that she naturally attracts people due to her abilities and amiable, fun personality. I highly recommend Cathy Lee as a Life Coach, as she has helped me become a better version of me." -- Kat K.

"Cathy Lee facilitated the biggest transformation in my life to feeling as though "I am enough." I don't need a career or marriage to define me. For the first time in 53 years, I can pay attention to myself and celebrate me. I have manifested everything I wanted this year, money to travel to Hawaii and pay for a family situation. I got everything I wanted and it was super fun. This is the first year in my life that I can say I want to live until I am 100. I am totally free and life feels magical. -- Marcia D.
"Cathy shaped my mind into becoming the best human being I possibly can be. If you are prepared for a beautiful journey, you want Cathy in front of you and behind you to guide you through your personal path." -- William B.P.

Work with me and you will gain the kind of clarity, courage and confidence required to get unstuck and start living the life you so urgently desire. For many of my clients, I am the most-trusted, Best Friend they never had that makes change happen.

I offer a free, 30-minute intake session for first-time consults. That way we can both determine if we are a good fit and make a plan to work together.

You can use the email or phone number at the bottom of this page to contact me for an initial call; or click here to set up a time to meet.

Your Queendom Awaits